Past clients are my most valuable asset. Most of my new business is from referrals. It just makes sense to keep my clients happy and do the best job I can for every single one of them.

Thanks to all the people that have taken the time to write a testimonial for me.

If you are looking for a Realtor to represent you, please read a few of these, and then request client contact information from me. Many of my clients have given permission for me to give out their phone numbers without notice and would be happy to speak with you.

My Favorite

Taller than most normal humans, Quinn comes in handy when looking over the top of your refrigerator to ensure that it is cleaned for an open house. But, don't let that innocent and boyish charm fool you! This mortal man can take on the aged, surgically enhanced queens of Alameda Real Estate with steadfast ambivalence! Willing to battle even the fiercest of real estate tyrants, Quinn is the obscure hero who will wield his most effective sales tool: he will paint your walkway a shade that resembles an exsanguinated corpse-- a questionable move, but one that will yield 4% over your asking price! Hire Quinn and you, too, can enjoy an extra-dimensional out-of-body experience!

Alameda, CA

As I write this review, I do so in the comfort of my first home. I would not be sitting here in this property had it not been for Quinn Stone.

When my wife and I were looking at agents to help us buy a house we were worried about meeting that "traditional" real-estate agent who would smooth-talk and pressure-pack just to get his/her clients into the first available sale. When we met Quinn, all of our concerns were put to rest. Quinn has a thorough and deep knowledge of Alameda (and the East Bay), which is what directed us to him at first, but his steady, calm, and patient attitude is what kept us working with him. There was never any pressure placed upon us and he took our desires and wish-lists fully to heart.

Throughout the home-searching and buying process, Quinn was always there via email and phone to go over properties that would come available and he always found time to meet with us to show the potential purchase. He directed us away form some that he knew weren't the best options even though it meant losing a potential sale, and patiently listened to us to make sure that we were truly happy before we put in an offer. Once we had chosen a house to put an offer on, Quinn was there for us 110%. He helped us to put together an attractive offer and connected us with a mortgage broker that got us approved and ready with a 21-day close.

Additionally, he spent many a long nights going over the offer and contract with us and when we had questions about the negotiation process, he would step us through each of the possible outcomes. Quinn was always there for us as clients and he made us feel like we were the only people he was working with. When our offer was accepted, he met with every single one of the inspectors and helped to calmly take us from accepted offer to close. He is exactly the type of person that you want working with you (and I say with because he made it feel like a partnership) if you are looking to buying a home. He is knowledgeable about the area, has a calm and thoughtful presence throughout the whole process, and is always available for his clients.

I am glad that we chose Quinn Stone as our agent and would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking

Alameda, CA

I chose Quinn to be my realtor after reading dozens of glowing reviews on multiple websites. The consistent 5-star reviews may seem too good to be true, but they are not. Quinn deserves the highest recommendation.

Buying in the Bay Area can be very intimidating--especially for a first-time home buyer like myself--but Quinn made the process as painless as possible. Everyday we received an email with the new home listings meeting our search criteria, and if we liked what we saw, Quinn would take us to view the place ASAP. He is extremely responsive by email and phone, he will not pressure you into buying anything you are not thrilled with, and he is helpful throughout the buying process.

Despite not having the highest offer on our condo, the seller chose our offer anyway because Quinn knew how to tailor our offer to make it the most attractive. We now live in a beautiful condo in Alameda, and we could not be happier!

There are many realtors in the bay area, but Quinn stands out because he is both a terrific realtor and a terrific person. I have encountered too many unpleasant and unscrupulous individuals in the real estate business. I recommend Quinn enthusiastically because having an honest, dependable, and trustworthy person in your corner is a godsend.

Heather Mellquist
Alameda, CA

My husband and I relocated to the bay area with no idea how to navigate a competitive market, and were very lucky to stumble into one of Quinn's open houses. He was the first agent we found who was easy going, forthright, knowledgable, and most importantly, willing to actually talk to us about our needs and concerns. After meeting too many agents who directed us disinterestedly toward a pest report, Quinn's personable manner provided a refreshing counter. We immediately knew that we would enlist his help finding our home.

And ultimately, Quinn not only helped us buy a home, but hand picked the one that we purchased. We had spent months looking at every home in our price range in a few different east bay cities; got outbid numerous times, and were getting very frustrated. Quinn persevered, continued to make recommendations about neighborhoods that would be a good fit for our family and aesthetic. He sent us a link to a beautiful 1930's Mediterranean in a community we hadn't even considered, thinking we'd see what kinds of homes were available there. Within 30 days, Quinn was on the front porch handing over the keys for that exact listing.

Through the agonizing process of searching and the discouragement of bidding, Quinn was always optimistic, willing to scour every inch of the homes we expressed interesest in, communicate his reservations about homes that needed excessive repairs, try to imagine the things that would irritate you once you were situated in a possible property.

I am very pleased with our experience working with him and would happily recommend him to anybody interested in buying a home in the area.

The Cardullos
San Leandro, CA

Quinn is a terrific buyer's agent. He was enormously helpful in dealing with our lender - who was having difficulties meeting deadlines - and especially with our seller, who was understandably jittered by the delays. He was also very patient with all the inspections we requested, and he has great recommendations on trades people. Big plus: being mellow guy who's pleasant to be around. He has since sold at least 3 homes in a 5 block radius of our house, and we can see why.

The Norlens
Alameda, CA

Quinn Stone helped us sell our home in Alameda, CA and we couldn't have been happier with his knowledge and expertise. We relocated across the country and couldn't be there while the home was being fixed up for the sale. Quinn took care of everything! He scheduled home inspectors, contractors, oversaw the work, and took the time and effort to inspect the home thoroughly to see what we needed to do to make the home more appealing. He had alot of good ideas and advice, down to changing the switchplates, landscaping, and color we should paint the front walk. He was very thorough and organized and definitely put in alot of time and effort. Quinn is a very approachable and friendly person as well, very easy to get along with and talk to. It took alot of stress out of the whole process for us and we had an offer on the house one week after it went on the market. We would highly recommend him if you are looking to buy or sell.

Susannah and Juan Patarroyo
Alameda, CA

We worked with three other agents (and talked w/ MANY more) before working with Quinn. My wife is an attorney, and I am a professional in the real estate and development world, so both of us have high standards and expectations of what an agent should be capable of & of his/her knowledge base. Quinn, sadly, was the only person of his caliber that we encountered. He is extremely detail oriented and organized. He is NOT a sales person, (which is a particularly annoying trait amongst many real estate agents--just parroting what they think you want to hear). Rather he is a true professional, with very high ethical standards. We felt very comfortable trusting him to take care of all the details. But most importantly for us, he is extremely knowledgable about the local real estate market, and insightful about both seller's and buyer's perspectives (which is very helpful in negotiating & determining offer price). He was able to warn us about many lesser-known pitfalls (e.g. local permitting requirements with window replacements, etc.). He was also very patient, even as our search dragged on for 10 months. And especially appreciated is his honesty. There were a few situations where he tactfully, but honestly, told us things which we didn't want to admit to ourselves; and more than being useful, that was greatly appreciated, because it raised our level of trust in his honesty.

Francis & Solvejg
Alameda, CA

After being in escrow to buy a short sale and watching it get worse week by week, we fired our realtors to get a fresh start on buying our first home. Quinn took the time to hear about our recent nightmare and ones-that-got-away, and listened carefully to what we were looking for. In short, he helped us navigate past another potential money pit, and found us the dream house we never thought we'd be able to afford, (but did!).

Quinn's calm demeanor was invaluable during the negotiating process, and he was attentive to details we were never told to consider by our previous agents. We were so lucky to find a great person at the right time, if we ever so much as overhear someone looking for a home, we jump at the chance to recommend Quinn.

Todd & Sarah Patrick
Berkeley, CA

My husband and I found Quinn at an open house for which he was the listing agent. We were just beginning to get our feet wet in our home search and he had such a down to earth and low/no pressure disposition! It struck us as very different from the other listing agents we'd encountered at various open houses.<BR
We called him when we were ready to get serious with our search and will be happy to work with him again when we're ready to move. He actually talked us out of a few houses, pointed out things we didn't even know to look for as first time home buyers, and was incredibly patient as we navigated the painful process of an FHA loan approval/purchase process.

We recommend Quinn whenever we hear anyone in the East Bay mention real estate!

Kelly Mathyssen
San Leandro, CA

Quinn Stone left such a good first impression on my husband and I, that years after casually meeting him at an open house, we kept his information on our fridge, even after several moves. We knew that when the time came for us to start looking for our own home, he was the man.


He has genuine character, not at all like the "salesman" realtors that seem so pervasive in the business. Quinn took the time to fully understand what we wanted and was patient while we wished upon homes out of our reach. My husband and I also had differing desires about our future home but he always made every effort to find homes that suited both our needs. Being that we were a family with young children, and he also has young children, he was very familiar with our concerns and wants and was very knowledgeable and forthright about the different locations throughout Alameda. We always felt he was on the same page as us and definitely had our best interest at heart. Being that Quinn is so personable and down to earth, it really felt more like we had a good friend helping us search for a home, rather than an agent. He never objected to showing us a home, even when I'm sure he knew it wasn't a viable option or good fit. It was also a huge benefit that he had a good understanding of home structures and could walk into a home and right away tell us what sort of repairs would be needed, any structural damage or potential damage. In the final hours of escrow Quinn had us drive our car into the narrow driveway and we realized our car wouldn't fit all the way through the narrow driveway to the free-standing garage; he negotiated a price reduction of over $10,000. My husband and I can not say enough good things about Quinn Stone.

Seton & Patti Schiraga
Alameda, CA

Quinn helped me both sell a condo and buy a house during a challenging time in the market. He was a good and knowledgeable partner. One thing I liked especially about Quinn was that he would honestly critique a house that I might want to bid on, talking about its faults and drawbacks. He feels that it's better to "scare off" a buyer rather than having them saddled with buyer's remorse after the fact. This sort of approach engenders a lot of trust.

If you want an aggressive, pushy, arrogant Realtor like the ones you see on TV, Quinn is not your guy.

Quinn was an ideal Realtor for us during the purchase of our first home. He was patient with us, explaining the whole process and answering all our questions. He made time to show us all of the (many) houses we wanted to see. He was very knowledgeable and straight forward about structural problems to look out for (which is an unusual trait for a Realtor.) We never felt pressured to make a decision we weren't ready to make, and in the end we got the perfect place for us. We highly recommend talking to Quinn if you're looking for a new house.

Peter & Xanthy
Oakland, CA

Quinn worked with my family for over a year, sharing market research for quite some time before we were ready to get serious. It was so reassuring to have an agent even *more* cautious and patient than us. Quinn is smart, level-headed, and - let's not downplay the importance of this - pleasant to be with when searching for your home. In addition to being knowledgeable about his own trade, he has great connections to the other professionals you will/may need in the process (electricians, foundation experts, etc etc). We closed on our house (our first) the week that Lehman Bros went under, and even with that I don't remember it as a particularly stressful experience. That's got to say something about how well-prepared and certain we were that we were doing the right thing, and Quinn was a huge part of that. I recommended him to friends, and he also helped them find their new home nearby, and we've all discussed how much we trust and like the guy. Highly recommend you give him a call.

Casey Owens
Alameda, CA

We loved working with Quinn. It made homebuying manageable. He is a kind, honest, earnest, and mellow guy who communicates and listens well. It was a pleasure to work with him and we trusted his judgment throughout the process. We were first time homebuyers and managed to reel in the first house we put a bid on, and hope to live in it for a long, long time. It's year three, and I am still so pleased that it all went how it did.

Chuck & Cindy Kapelke
Alameda, CA


Our situation was challenging in that we were relocating from San Diego and were doing most of our search from afar. Quinn was a great find after my mother went out in search of the perfect real estate agent instead of the perfect house...on our behalf. Most of the time I would find something online and then Quinn would actually go and check it out, take pictures, report back..whatever needed to be done to see if it could possibly be the house. He went above and beyond which is what we needed in our case. When we finally did find the perfect house it happen to be in an area that he was recommending we look all along. What can I say...Quinn treated us well, took care of our needs, and got the job done as cleanly as possible. We were very pleased with how everything worked out and would highly recommend him to others.

Thanks, Quinn. You rocked!
Sabrina and Larry Baltutis

Quinn was wonderfully calm and very informative during our home purchase.

We had a rather strange transaction: we found the house we wanted after an extensive personal search, and then we realized we needed a buyer’s agent for assistance with little details like getting financing and getting through the process with our sanity intact.

So, it was lightning quick with a lot of scrambling around, then a teeth-grinding period of waiting for various details to be sorted out.

Anyway, on the day we found the house we wanted, my wife found Quinn at the same house later that day showing it to some other clients. She came back and said she’d met a really low-key and patient realtor at the prospective property and after checking his references, the deal was on.

He introduced us to his team and kept the process going smoothly during the escrow period.

Despite employing much high-tech gadgetry, he’s quite traditional in his approach to home-buying: ethical, honest and patient.

I also believe that he’s first in line for a hovercraft, when they finally come out.

Eddie and Elizabeth
San Leandro, CA

Quinn helped my wife and me buy a home for the first time. As new buyers, we were being quite careful and selective and the process lasted over a year. I can't imagine finding a better person to work with then Quinn. He's patient and listens well. He's knowledgeable and does a wonderful job of explaining and simplifying the process. During the year we bid on 3 homes and each time I felt we had a friend and an expert in our corner. Quinn always made himself readily available and often accomodated to our busy schedules. Lastly, Quinn sticks with you well after you moved in. He helped us get an unexpected repair paid for and just yesterday saved me $250 on a new refrigerator. You won't regret hiring Quinn.

Bob Dubow
Alameda, CA

I recommend Quinn without reservation. He was my realtor in the purchase of my current home and was attentive, responsive and creative. This characteristics were key in making my offer the "winning" offer for which I am thankful. I would definitly seek out Quinn again for any future real estate transactions. Finally, Quinn is technologically savy which makes it very easy to work with him. Thank you again Quinn!

Fred Selk
Alameda, CA

Quinn Stone, what can we say about Quinn? Quinn was the perfect match for my husband and me. We met Quinn one Sunday while driving in Alameda. We were interested in a house he was listing, and although we did not have a realtor, and were not even interested in purchasing a house, none of that mattered when we stepped foot inside. Quinn was great. He was with us every step of the way. Once we said yes, he had us on the fast track. He made sure we understood everything and anything about the house. The man was thorough. We could not have asked for a better Realtor. We were so impressed, once the sale of the house was completed, we asked Quinn to sell our existing house. Quinn then took charge! He told us what we needed to do to get ready for the market. He was brutally honest with us on what worked and what needed to be changed. It took a while for our house to fault of Quinn's, the market took a dive. But with his patience, determination, and persistence, he sold our house. We could not have asked for a better Realtor. He worked very closely with us through the entire process and is now a part of the family.

Alameda, CA

We were challenging home-buyers, and without Quinn's patience and great sense of humour, this process might have been very difficult to navigate. We were slow to make decisions and took a long time at each house we saw. Quinn was very helpful in telling us details about the houses including trustful comments about the houses' needs and how much we would spend to fix things that needed to be fixed. We were grateful to find a real estate agent who had a real commitment to help us find the best place for us to live in and also to get us the best deal. During the closing process, Quinn was just amazing in negotiating in our favor and getting us even a reduction in price! He was just a delight to work with, and would make our weekends a fun and exciting journey instead of a dragging process. We loved to work with him and still tell our friends about his reliable and positive attitude. We love our house and we know that we really found the best place for us! And Quinn made it happen. He was just the perfect real estate agent: real, honest, gentle, and with a good sense of humour. And even got me smoothies in the hot days of the Summer!

C. Bacchi
Alameda, CA

I feel blessed to have worked with Quinn when I needed to sell my condo in Oakland. I appreciated how present he was with the process: he patiently walked me through the paperwork every step of the way; he shared with me his ideas and he listened to mine throughout the process; and he made great suggestions and improvements to the value of my property. Also, Quinn is an expert in market fluctuations. In addition, he is an easy going and warm person. I would say that he combines real estate expertise with caring for his client. I would highly recommend Quinn to my best friend or a family member interested in buying or selling properties in the Bay Area.

F. Epstein
Oakland, CA

We were first time homebuyers with a limited budget, and knew we were in great hands with Quinn. During our housing search we really felt that he was protecting our interests, while finding us a home in a neighborhood that would make us happy.

We still can't believe how well we did. Quinn was able to help us find a beautiful house in excellent shape. He helped us negotiate for a price below asking, and was with us at every step of the process, including showing up at the closing with a huge bouquet of flowers.

Quinn has a great sense of humor, was very calming to work with, and would present facts and expertise about the houses without injecting himself into the decision process. We felt that we were his most important clients when we were working with him, and that he as always available to answer our questions, show us houses, or meet with us to complete paperwork.

We would be happy to recommend Quinn to anyone with real estate needs.

L. Talley & T. Traynor
Oakland, CA

Quinn conducted himself in a superlative manner over the lengthy period of time required to bring our home sale to completion. I'm sure the project stretched, but never cracked, his positive equanimity. The property recently sold for $1,000,000.

Quinn handled himself with great tact, discretion and diplomacy as he worked with his two challenging sellers, neighbors, contractors, and homeowner's association to accomplish the end result. I cannot imagine that anyone could have done a better job in representing his seller's interests and in keeping things moving ever forward.

I heartily recommend Quinn to anyone needing help in buying or selling real estate and would certainly use his services again if the need should arise.

Clinton S. Mathews
Kailua, HI

If Quinn is a "salesman" then we're the Royal Family. Come to think of it, he made us feel rather noble and he did sell us a house but...Quinn spent the first half hour showing us the Alameda house we eventually bought by pointing out its flaws. We expected no less from the man who acted with honesty and integrity every step of the way.

Quinn worked hard to learn what we wanted and needed in a home. He presented every property he showed with this understanding. He never had to "sell" anything because he knows who we are and what we like. We chose our real estate agent carefully. The last thing we wanted was a slick salesperson. There are a lot of them out there. Luckily we found Quinn - a hard working, intelligent agent with a wry wit who became our trusted adviser.

Jim Iacona & Nicole Richter
Alameda, CA

Quinn Stone not only delivers, he makes dreams come true.

In our experience, Quinn used a plethora of resources on a very tight budget to transform a well taken care of home into an irresistible starter home. Quinn's knowledge around the laws of buying and selling homes was not only impressive, but key in translating and deciphering the language into digestible segments we could understand. With that kind of help, we felt we could really make the best decisions moving forward with selling our home.

Before we could sell our home, Quinn needed to earn our trust and help find us a home we could move into and most of all afford to buy. One of Quinn's best attributes is his patience and, in turn, his ability to listen and really capture what you are trying to accomplish. This was imperative in earning our trust and the perfect recipe for success. We could tell that Quinn had a strong understanding of how the market was working at that time because the plan and timeline he put together for buying and selling our home was flawless.

Quinn takes working for you to another level. His investment in you is just as indispensable as your investment in him and it really shows. Quinn is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved whenever needed, especially to meet a deadline.

Our hard work with Quinn and his resources really showed when we put our 2 bedroom 1 bath home up for sale asking for $565,000 and, in the end, received an offer for $600,000. Our faith in Quinn was solidified when we bought our new home for $675,000 when the sellers were asking for $695,000. It was truly an American Dream come true.

When you work with Quinn, it really doesn't stop at the sale of your home or the purchase of your new home; he completes the experience in full. Meaning, if there are any loose ends that may arise after the sale or purchase of your home, he makes sure he is available to address them in whatever fashion possible. Still to this day, when Quinn does business in my neighborhood, he takes the time to stop by and say hi.

Quinn is a great realtor and I offer his services to anyone who is looking for someone who is patient and knowledgeable in the buying and selling of homes. Though we hired him in a professional manner, we truly gained a friend.

Quinn Stone delivers and he made our dreams come true.

Chris & Jessica Connor
Alameda, CA

Quinn Stone is a true professional who maintains a high degree of integrity and loyalty. In the four transactions that he has completed for our family, Quinn paid attention not only to the smallest detail, but also to the "big picture." Quinn deployed the necessary skill, experience and competence to yield extraordinary results. If you want just an ordinary real estate agent, go to someone else. If you want results from a pro, start with Quinn and the Bayside Team!

Ben & Susan Reyes
Alameda, CA

It has been a pleasure working with you. Your knowledge of things to look for and watch out for proved incredibly valuable.

I also really appreciated your connections. Nina Jones, your connection, and my banker worked wonders. I don't know if I could have done it without her. Mr. Kim did a great job on the roof. Lastly, your willingness to work with me over time and changing financial situations was fantastic.

Mark Cabrera
Oakland, CA

Quinn always answered our questions about all aspects of a home buying process honestly and patiently. For those he couldn't answer, he always had respectable referrals which helped us to make good choices that we felt comfortable with about financing and inspections. He helped us to look at all the possibilities with our limited budget and never pressured us or made us feel uncomfortable about changing our minds, even at times when I'm sure it was frustrating for him. This made it possible for us to be open and honest throughout our search for a home. We had a very limited time frame and because of the last minute jump in the interest rates, we had to write an offer very early on a Saturday morning so that Quinn could propose it in the afternoon of that same day in Castro Valley. Because of Quinn's commitment to help us get into a home, we now live in that same home in a friendly San Leandro neighborhood where our daughter has a nice backyard to play in.

Quinn, thank you for being more than professional, for your patience and generosity with your time. We hope to work with you again on our next move. We will recommend you to all our friends who are looking for a real estate agent.

Mark & Benedicte Ritter
San Leandro, CA

I am sure there are more challenging first-time home buyers than my husband and I, but I would be hard pressed to imagine who they might be. We knew that we wanted to live in Alameda, and that we wanted the right house.and that was about all we knew! Quinn was fantastic. He took so much time with us!

The very first thing he did, after taking hours to talk us through our home buying fears, was visit half-a dozen different houses with us, all of different styles, years, and locations, just to get a sense of what we might be interested in. He helped us articulate just what it was we were looking for, and then had the patience to work with us through the next four months of changing minds, changing financial plans, and changing states of panic.

His endless patience and grace-under-pressure personality made it so easy. My husband wanted to go through every contract like a law exam, and I insisted on visiting every home that was even remotely close to our criteria, and Quinn kept smiling through it all.

We love the house Quinn found for us, and we know that, with anyone else, we would have been rushed into a decision we weren't ready for. Quinn made sure we always felt like we weren't buying a house, but finding our home, and that he was ready to stick with us for as long as that took.

Dave Lloyd & Alycia Shilton-Lloyd
Alameda, CA

Now that Jodie and I are settled in our new home, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for being a big part of the reason that we are here.

When we first started looking, we had the desire to buy, but no real knowledge of the process. We are lucky to have found you - someone who is patient, diligent and thorough. Finding the right place for us took nearly a year. You stuck with us and remained patient, always suggesting options, but never pushing us to pursue properties that we were unsure about. We must have looked at a hundred properties - some more than once. We bid on only two homes, and ended up buying the second one at asking price. In this market, that is almost unheard of.

Having purchased one of the lower priced homes on the market in Alameda, I think it's fair to say that we weren't your biggest clients, but we never felt like we were taking a back seat to anybody.

Thanks again for everything you did, Quinn. We couldn't have done this without you and your knowledge of the marketplace.

We have and will continue to recommend you to friends who are looking (and anyone else that will listen.)

Now that the glasses have been unpacked, you should stop by for a glass of wine.

Ken Banks
Alameda, CA

As first-time home buyers, we thought the process would be daunting, but Quinn made it easy. He helped us find just the right home to fit our needs, and once our offer was accepted, he went out of his way to prevent any problems from arising and to ensure that everything went smoothly from beginning to end. When the time is right, we will definitely work with him again.

Norene & Andrew Griffin
Alameda, CA

Having lived all over the United States, I've had experience working with numerous different real estate agents in numerous different markets. However, I've never received the level of individual support and assistance that Quinn Stone offered during my Alameda home search. Quinn made me feel that he was genuinely interested in finding a property that met my needs, rather than simply trying to complete a transaction. His experience, patience, and advice throughout our relationship made what can sometimes be a stressful experience very enjoyable.

David Dozier
Pacifica, CA

We feel very lucky to have met Quinn Stone to help us find a home. We had our heart set on living in Alameda and Quinn was excited to help us with our "close-to-impossible" dream.

We had very tight constraints yet Quinn was always understanding, patient, and had a positive attitude about everything. Even when we became discouraged, he remained determined to find us our home and that kept our spirits up. We found Quinn very professional, knowledgeable and available to us. He always had time to explain details to us and help get questions answered in a timely manner.

Quinn was there for us from the day we started looking for a home to the happy moment when he handed over the keys to our home. This is our second home and of the three real estate agents we have worked with, Quinn is the only one we would be happy to work with again. He made what could have been a painful experience into something that was almost fun. If we ever do sell or buy a house again, we hope Quinn is around so that he can be our agent again.

Mr. and Mrs. George Penston
Alameda, CA