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Honest, Low Pressure Real Estate

I’m not your typical real estate agent. 20 years of experience. No substance-free slick pitches. No false claims. No snapping of gum. No finger guns.

My clients will confirm it for you.

Read their testimonials, see my 5-star Yelp reviews, contact me, and let’s get started.

Beautiful Alameda Victorian Home

Satisfied Clients

Taller than most normal humans, Quinn comes in handy when looking over the top of your refrigerator to ensure that it’s cleaned for an open house. But don’t let that innocent and boyish charm fool you! Willing to battle even the fiercest of real estate tyrants, Quinn is the obscure hero who will wield his most effective sales tool: he will paint your walkway a shade that resembles an exsanguinated corpse, a questionable move, but one that will yield 4% over your asking price! Hire Quinn and you too can enjoy an extradimensional out-of-body experience!

When my wife and I were looking for an Alameda real estate agent to help us buy a house, we were worried about meeting the “traditional” real estate agent who would smooth talk and pressure pack just to get their clients into the first available sale. When we met Quinn, all of our concerns were put to rest. Quinn has a thorough and deep knowledge of Alameda (and the East Bay), which is what directed us to him at first, but his steady, calm, and patient attitude is what kept us working with him. There was never any pressure placed upon us and he took our desires and wish lists fully to heart.

Buying in the Bay Area can be very intimidating, especially for a first-time home buyer like myself, but Quinn made the process as painless as possible. Every day we received an email with the new home listings that met our search criteria, and if we liked what we saw, Quinn would take us to view the place ASAP. He’s extremely responsive by email and phone, he will not pressure you into buying anything you are not thrilled with, and he’s helpful throughout the buying process.

My husband and I relocated to the Bay Area with no idea how to navigate a competitive market, and were very lucky to stumble into one of Quinn’s open houses. He was the first San Leandro real estate agent we found who was easygoing, forthright, knowledgable, and most importantly, willing to actually talk to us about our needs and concerns. After meeting too many agents who directed us disinterestedly toward a pest report, Quinn’s personable manner provided a refreshing counter. We immediately knew that we would enlist his help finding our home.

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